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 Welcome to Best Vegas Attractions. Simply move your cursor over the activity to learn more about what adventure is ahead for you on your next trip! With so many different types of activities to choose from, you’ll find an activity for every member of your family or group. Perhaps you’re looking for a thrill to share with your significant other? Maybe you need a more secluded indoor activity to help you recover from the night before? Or is it your family’s first time in Las Vegas? You’ll find the perfect experience to complete your trip at Best Vegas Attractions. 

We know the real reasons why you come to Vegas. Let’s face it, at some point (for the sake of your sanity and your children’s’ college fund); you’ve got to take a break from The Strip. There are plenty of fun things to do in Las Vegas beyond what’s on South Las Vegas Boulevard. Here at Best Vegas Attractions, we’ve developed relationships with many of the area’s top attractions to provide entertaining tours for all Las Vegas visitors.

Excitement Just Off The Strip

Get a few blocks away from The Strip, and you’ll discover many of the colorful attractions that help make Vegas unique. Step back in time and stroll the streets with the likes of Bugsy Siegel, Lefty Rosenthal and the Spilotro Brothers or enjoy over 1,000 exhibits our members and their museum tours have to offer. Looking for something a little more interactive?

Adventures Continue Outside the City

Of course, the thrills don’t stop at the city limits. Coming into Las Vegas, you see miles and miles of flat desert landscape, a true off-roader’s paradise. Satisfy your need for an adrenaline pumping good time by checking out an off-road experience. Drive the same vehicles you see taming deserts in movies and flying across the sands in Baja-style race events. If speed is what you seek, why not take a race car for a spin? That’s right, our members offer extreme driving experiences that allow you to drive some of the world’s most-exotic muscle cars at speeds that are otherwise outlawed on regular city streets.

Do you ever wonder where the water comes from to support this thriving desert oasis? Find out for yourself by boating the mighty Colorado River or go big and step up your canyon exploration game by visiting The Grand Canyon. Our members get you where you need to go in style and comfort, while providing you a birds-eye view of this most-impressive of geographic wonders Las Vegas and Nevada have to offer.

Are you looking for a truly unique and thrilling view of Las Vegas, Lake Mead, and the surrounding areas? If you’re searching for the ultimate “view from the top,” our members have you covered with helicopter tours, balloon rides, skydiving expeditions, zip-lining excursions, and other tours guaranteed to leave you feeling exhilarated and breathless.

See It All Through Best Vegas Attractions

We know what you’re thinking, there’s no way any of these excursions are affordable on the average traveler’s budget. At Best Vegas Attractions we are ready to surprise you. Our relationships with the members as mentioned earlier allow us to secure you the best rates in the business. Through our website, you’re able to book your experiences with these companies directly, saving you from having to pay a travel agent’s commission.

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Las Vegas offers something for everyone, and through Best Vegas Attractions, you can experience what’s on The Strip and off it. Let us show you a different side of Vegas, where you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime and have you looking forward to your next trip to The city of Lights even before you return home. Take a moment to browse through the many tours and attractions we offer to decide which excites you the most, and then follow the links to book online directly through our members’ sites.