Indoor Attractions

Indoor Attractions

Thanks to its abundance of activities and offerings, and year-round warm weather, Las Vegas is a top destination for many travelers. However, since Vegas is in the desert, the temperatures can soar during the summer months. If you’re ready to escape the heat but want to take a break from the casinos, check out this list of fun things to do in Las Vegas that are inside.

Try Indoor Skydiving

Those who want to try skydiving from an airplane but don’t want to experience such great heights can test the waters with indoor skydiving. A wind tunnel with fans blowing at up to 120 miles per hour can be just as effective at providing lift as jumping out of a plane. Though you may not be free-falling towards the Las Vegas desert, this adventure is as exhilarating as the real thing.

Tour a Museum

Las Vegas is home to a variety of museums, each offering different exhibits to pique visitors’ interests. Whether you’d like to check out the mob museum, which peeks into the organized crime that was part of Vegas’ past, or explore the neon sign graveyard, there is a museum for everyone.

Experience Go-Kart Racing

Those with a need for speed can get a taste of the real thing with indoor go-kart racing. Many thrill seekers visit Las Vegas for a chance to ride the numerous roller coasters and other thrill rides, but you can really take things into your own hands on an adrenaline-filled ride around a go-kart track.

Solve an Escape Room

One of the hottest new trends in indoor entertainment is escape rooms, which are ideal for those who enjoy mystery and puzzles. These interactive experiences provide guests with clues they’ll have to solve in order to get out of their designated room.

See a Classic Vegas Show

When it comes to shows, Las Vegas is home to some of the best. If you’re planning a visit to the city soon, be sure to set aside a time to see at least one show. If it’s possible, more than one show will give you the true Las Vegas experience.

Visit a Factory

Vegas is home to several factories, and they are often open for tours. If you have a sweet tooth, this is an ideal indoor activity that allows you to see behind the scenes of your favorite treats.

Jeep Adventures

Thanks to quality air conditioning, you can experience the desert scenery of the Vegas valley from within the comfort of a tour jeep. Explore rugged terrain and stunning desert sights on these entertaining and adventurous tours.

Try Your Hand at Investigation

Fans of crime solving TV shows will love to try their hands at investigating a realistic crime scene. Vegas has several options for immersive experiences that get you right in the action.

All Aboard a Monorail

Did you know that Las Vegas has a monorail? If you don’t want to walk the Strip in the searing heat, you can hop on for a ride from one end to the other.

Try an Interactive Exhibit

Whether you want to become a crime scene investigator or a super hero, there are multiple interactive exhibits in Las Vegas to fulfill your fantasies. Perfect for any event, these indoor attractions may make you think you are actually in the movies.

Take a Tour

When you aren’t familiar with the area and you want to avoid the heat, booking a tour line can ensure that you see everything Vegas is known for without having to go it alone.

Book Early

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