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The Wreck Room Las Vegas

Have you ever wanted to break something for the fun of it? Of course you have, you are human right? Get ready for the most remarkable experience you’ve had in years. At Wreck Room we allow you to touch on those primal expressions of rage that we don’t get to experience in our everyday lives. Just a mile from the Strip your destruction experience is right around the corner.

Before the wrecking, each person will be suited up in a full set of safety gear, getting covered from head to toe over their street clothes. Breakables include anything from bottles and ceramics to TVs and computer printers. We supply the bats and crowbars and you bring the pent up anger.

Once you are suited up we drop you off in a camera monitored “Wreck Room” and you get to demolish everything in sight. You will enjoy the exhilarating and satisfying experience of letting loose and destroying all the items into tiny pieces. When you are finished and the adrenaline stops pumping you slip out of your safety gear and leave the clean up to us.