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Vegas Balloon Rides

Vegas Balloon Rides allow visitors to view Las Vegas from a truly unique perspective. Floating gently across the Vegas Skyline, passengers can enjoy the world’s oldest and safest form of flight and check something truly memorable off their bucket list. Daily flights offer breathtaking scenes as the sun rises over the Las Vegas strip. Starting in the in the Southwest Valley ascend into the skies and enjoy glorious bird’s-eye views of the Las Vegas Strip, the gorgeous Red Rock Mountains and the surrounding desert as you gently float in the early morning sun.

Your adventure begins shortly before sunrise at our welcome center just off the Las Vegas Strip. From here a short journey to our launch site followed by safety briefing while the crew starts the inflation process and your balloon takes shape before your eyes ultimately standing more than 10 stories tall. Then you join the pilot in the basket for lift-off. Our FAA certified pilots will point out landmarks and points of interest as well as share stories from their vast Las Vegas experience during the approximately one hour flight. Each flight is totally unique as the route and landing site are completely dependent on the wind strength and direction. No two flights are ever the same.

Once on the ground, share in the oldest of ballooning traditions, a champagne toast, and revel in the peace, tranquility, and beauty that you never knew existed.