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Skydive Las Vegas

When seeking fun things to do in Las Vegas, you’re looking for an extraordinary experience—food, drinks, casinos, live shows, fantastic sights, and more. However, few things are as remarkable as going skydiving. It’s the ultimate “bucket list” entry, and Skydive Las Vegas offers you the opportunity of a lifetime.

What is Skydive Las Vegas?

In business since 1991, Skydive Las Vegas stands out as the most significant and longest-running skydiving center in the state of Nevada, having run 24/7 since. The hangar and drop zone is located just outside Boulder City, NV, and you can get there within 30 minutes via a free shuttle from the Las Vegas Strip.

Upon arrival, a team of professional instructors with years of experience and thousands of dives behind them are ready to get you up in the air with the finest parachute equipment available. The stunning view from the air makes Boulder City a perfect spot for skydiving. Lake Mead, the Colorado River, Mt. Charleston, and Red Rock Canyon are just a few of the natural wonders to spot, and you can also see the Vegas Strip you just came from. You’ll even be able to see as far as Lake Mohave and the Valley of Fire. New and experienced skydivers alike are welcome to come along on this adventure and make once-in-a-lifetime memories at Skydive Las Vegas.

Making Your First Dive

Skydive Las Vegas is not just an excellent skydiving center, it’s also the best opportunity in Las Vegas to learn how to perform your first skydive. The facility specializes in tandem skydiving—using dual harnesses worn by the visiting diver and their instructor, each harness equipped with advanced Sigma parachute systems that provide optimal safety. Every skydiving instructor is licensed and certified by the United States Parachute Association (USPA) as well as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to be qualified to accompany new divers the whole way. Before the jump, you’ll get a rundown on safely exiting the plane, the proper freefall position, and how to operate the harness and parachute.

Make sure to dress appropriately, wear comfortable clothes for the local weather, and use lace-up athletic shoes for safety. The equipment—jumpsuit, goggles, and harness—are provided for you on-site.

The Jump

You’ll take SKYDIVE 1, the facility’s specialized PAC-750XL jump plane, up to a height of 12,500 feet—over two miles—in preparation of the dive, while also enjoying the sight of the world below. When the time comes, you and your instructor will freefall from the plane, approaching terminal velocity at over 120 mph (180 km/h) for up to 45 seconds of exhilaration. The return trip after you deploy the parachute is around five to seven minutes, during which you can work with the instructor to steer yourselves to the designated landing zone, all while taking in the wonder of floating thousands of feet above the Earth. To save the view, order a media package as part of your dive where you get to take your choice of pictures, video, or both mid-air as you descend.

The landing zone is right next to the hangar, so friends and family get to watch your journey from the runway and back—and see the look on your face as you touch down! Alternatively, you can all dive together—SKYDIVE 1 can accommodate the pilot and 16 passengers, allowing eight participants and their instructors in one flight.

Check out the official Skydive Las Vegas site or contact the facility for more information. Don’t forget to book through Best Vegas Attractions to reserve an ideal time for the dive and get the best deals. Use the promo code on the sidebar when ordering a Tandem Skydive and video package to upgrade and get free pictures as well!