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Pampas Brazilian Steakhouse & Grille

Pampas Brazilian Steakhouse & Grille fits beautifully into the dynamic and vibrant Las Vegas night-life scene. With its mysterious South American vibe, cooked-to-perfection grilled meats, and personalized table service, visiting Pampas with friends should definitely be on your bucket list of Las Vegas activities.

What Makes Pampas Brazilian Steakhouse & Grille a Must-Visit Spot?

It’s not just the Planet Hollywood backdrop and rich South American décor. It’s more than the irresistible aromas of marinated meats grilling slowly in the background. It’s the way Pampas makes you feel like you’re actually in Rio de Janeiro, partying with your best friends.

This Brazilian churrascaria is all about sharing tantalizing food with the people you love and celebrating to the max. Amazing, award-winning grilled food served rodizio-style meets, unique-to-Brazil drinks, great friends, and incredible memories. Expect love, laughter, and plenty of happy sounds of contentment.

Pampas Brazilian Steakhouse & Grille Highlights

This iconic Vegas gem gives you tons of freedom to customize your dining experience; however, you are always guaranteed to enjoy these three highlights:

  1. Authentic churrascaria: If you’ve never visited a Rio-style churrascaria, you haven’t lived yet. This Brazilian dining custom revolves around large marinated meat skewers that are slowly roasted to perfection. Waiters bring these skewers directly to your table and carve as much as you want on the spot. This custom continues for hours until your party finally signals that you’re happily full.
  2. Mouth-watering meats: The selection of grilled meats is stunning. Flavorful top sirloin, ribeye, smoked ham, marinated lamb, wine-braised chicken thighs, pork ribs, shrimp, and other seafood options are just the tip of this perfectly roasted iceberg. The best part is that you don’t need to choose only one: Rodizio dining means virtually endless types of grilled meat are included together.
  3. Exotic flavors: In addition to serving perfectly grilled, piping hot and tender meats, the chefs at Pampas infuse exotic flair into each delectable bite. The pork loin is rubbed with sweet basil, lime juice, and lots of garlic, and the dry-aged, slow-cooked ribeye features a handmade chipotle seasoning to die for.


Expert Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Visit

  • Reserve in advance: This place is packed on most nights, which isn’t surprising considering it is one of the hottest restaurants in Vegas. Make reservations at least one week in advance, and much more if you have a large party.
  • Set aside time for two visits: You’re going to have to make a leap of faith if you really want to experience the full Brazilian VIP treatment. Your priority should be dinner, but the brunch at Pampas is killer. Made-from-scratch breakfast sausages grilled on a skewer, flavorful chicken sausage, picanha (sirloin cap), and endless mimosas make it worthy of fame.
  • Come hungry: Don’t overdo lunch the day you’re planning on visiting Pampas. The food is so amazing; you definitely want to have room to savor every bite as the irresistible skewers come parading by.
  • Save room for the pineapple: Few things are as South American and unforgettable as the abacaxi grilled pineapple skewers.
  • Spring for the ribeye: Ordering the premium ribeye skewer means spending extra per person — and calling ahead to make sure it’s available for your visit. Is the effort worth it for a 21-day aged ribeye, slow-roasted, marinated in chipotle, and carved piece-by-piece right at your table? Many meat lovers have probably already died and gone to heaven.


Plan the Perfect Vegas Trip

Pampas Brazilian Steakhouse & Grille is an amazing addition to any Vegas trip. The best Las Vegas vacation is always about being yourself. That means creating a custom experience that focuses on the things you love. Check out incredible stuff to do in Vegas at Best Vegas Attractions. Booking your favorite attractions and activities through us gives you lower rates that let you splurge on the things you want to do!