Marvels Avengers STATION

Have you ever dreamed of working with the world’s most elite team of superheroes? If you think you have what it takes to become a part of a vital yet highly secretive intelligence operation, then prepare to explore the Avengers Scientific Training and Tactical Intelligence Operative Network.

Marvel’s Avengers Station gives you an inside look at the history and technology of your favorite heroes that you cannot find anywhere else. Step inside the action-packed world of the Avengers from the Marvel cinematic universe and become a vital part of their fight to save the Earth.

What Is the Station?

This fully immersive Marvel experience puts you directly into the Avengers universe by giving you access to new information and experiments. After you step inside, you will receive a mobile training device that guides you through the different areas of the Station. You are greeted and debriefed by Agent Hill and immediately thrown into your mission. By completing unique tasks and assignments, you will ultimately prepare yourself to help the Avengers in their fight to protect the Earth against all evil.

Throughout the exhibition, there are loads of authentic props from the world of the Avengers, including memorable weapons, armor, uniforms, and gadgets. Get an up-close and detailed look at all of Tony Stark’s main Iron Man suits and the original costumes of Hulk, Captain America, and other iconic characters. All costumes are genuine pieces from various Marvel movies.

Why Choose Marvel’s Avengers Station

Fans of the Marvel universe will be able to fully immerse themselves in an unparalleled experience while gaining valuable knowledge about all of the superheroes (and villains) they know and love. The information available in each of the exhibits helps fans deeper understand the science and technology that envelops this creative world; such as how the Hulk’s DNA allows him to morph into a powerful green hero, or how human brain waves can be used to operate a real Iron Man suit.

Even friends and family with little to no Marvel knowledge are sure to have a blast in this uniquely interactive experience. Test your strength with Thor’s hammer or compare your hand with the size of Hulk’s. The exhibition is open daily, with all ages welcome.

Events and the Marvel Retail Store

The Marvel exhibition features a private event space that sits along the Vegas Strip, perfect for birthday parties, corporate mixers and other fun gatherings. The space holds up to 200 guests and immerses the event in a sleek and classy Avengers-style environment. The Station is also home to one of the largest Marvel retail shops in the world.

With 8,000 square feet, this shop holds hundreds of Marvel items, including exclusive apparel, figurines, jewelry, and toys. For even more excitement, check out the store’s unforgettable Iron Man simulator and put yourself inside Iron Man’s suit.

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