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Machine Guns Vegas: Exhilarating thrill, unique experience. (Indoor and outdoor)

The plush, high-energy appeal of a Las Vegas ultra-lounge meets the thrill of a high-tech firearms experience at Machine Guns Vegas (MGV). The adrenaline pumping attraction offers something for everyone, from the firearms enthusiast to first timers who want to feel the thrill of firing a variety of firearms – from modern machine guns and assault rifles to some of the most famous firearms from World War II – in a safe, contemporary atmosphere. Located just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, the 10,000-square-foot facility features 10 shooting lanes where guests can securely test their skills with a vast selection of machine guns, handguns and other exotic firearms.

Machine Guns Vegas was built with tourists and safety in mind to ensure a lasting and memorable experience. With safety as the primary focus, MGV is the only gun range in Las Vegas that prohibits outside firearms to be used and does not participate in any retail sale of firearms. Our personalized customer service and knowledgeable staff create an exciting combination of hospitality and firearms expertise. Whether you’re a skilled or first-time shooter, our legendary Gun Girls ensure that all your questions are answered, that you are comfortable and confident with shooting, and that your expectations are exceeded.

Our unparalleled selection of firearms guarantees a supreme shooting experience for you. Our collection includes everything from the world’s most iconic machine guns, handguns, shotguns, belt feds, and exotic firearms, to one-of-a-kind guns you’ll only find here.