Grand Canyon Airlines

If you have the itch to get out of town but don’t want to go through the hassles of trip planning, let Grand Canyon Airlines Las Vegas take care of everything for you. Grand Canyon Airlines is a heritage airline that has been operating for more than 90 years; offering stunning aerial tours of the majestic landmark.

Whether you want to fly over the canyon, land at the bottom, or go for a leisurely float on the Colorado River, there are budget-friendly trip options to give you the rest and relaxation you deserve. With tours leaving from Vegas daily, you can choose a full or half day excursion depending on your preference.

What To Expect

No matter which tour you book, Grand Canyon Airlines has the details covered. Passengers are picked up from Las Vegas area hotels before embarking on the adventures. The all-inclusive tours provide a light lunch, flights to and from the Grand Canyon, and expert tour guides to help you take in the majesty of your surroundings.

Check out some of the most popular tours offered by Grand Canyon Airlines Las Vegas:

Indian Adventure with Skywalk

The company’s most popular option, the Indian Adventure with Skywalk tour, is perfect for lovers of history. During this tour, you will enjoy sights such as Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, and the Colorado River. Upon landing, you will get the opportunity to ride a fixed wing airplane to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon; ancient land that was once inhabited by the Hualapai Native American tribe.

Once you arrive at the Grand Canyon West Airport, a shuttle will take you to multiple stops where you can explore the gorgeous landscape. Hop off the bus in Eagle Point to experience the world-famous Grand Canyon Skywalk. The Skywalk offers spectacular views of the canyon right under your feet, but be sure to check out a Hualapai ceremonial dance while you’re on this seven-hour tour.

Visionary Tour

In a four-hour period, the Visionary Tour offers breathtaking aerial views of each of the canyon’s major points of interest; amazing. When attending this tour, you will board a specially designed Vistaliner aircraft outfitted with high wings and large windows – ideal for sightseeing. Enjoy breathtaking views of Guano Point, Eagle Point, Hoover Dam, the Colorado River, and of course, the ancient chasms of the magnificent canyon.

Grand Canyon Deluxe Tour

For a full day excursion, the Grand Canyon Deluxe tour is a luxurious option that allows the most time for wandering around and exploring the mind-blowing scenery. Over the course of this nine-hour tour, you will be transported from your Las Vegas hotel to the sweeping vistas and mile-deep striped layers of the Grand Canyon.

Upon landing, a luxury motor coach will transport you to Bright Angel Lodge and Mather Point. From this vantage point, you will enjoy a photo opportunity of the entire ten-mile expanse of the North and South Rims. A light meal is included in addition to a pickup and drop off from your hotel.

Grand Voyager Tour

This seven-hour tour is perfect for those who love both the air and water. After landing, you will be whisked to a helicopter that will take you to the bottom of the canyon. Once there, you will board a pontoon boat for a leisurely float down the Colorado River. This tour allows you to experience all of the natural beauty found in this wondrous canyon; from the air to the river.

Start Adventuring Today

Grand Canyon Airlines has nearly a century of experience, shuttling more than 300,000 passengers each year. If you are you ready to embark on a one of a kind tour of one of the world’s wonders, book online or get in touch with us at Best Vegas Attractions. When you book with us, you can expect the best deals on activities in and around Las Vegas.