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Ethel M Chocolates

Just outside of Las Vegas in the arid Mojave Desert is an unexpected oasis of fresh-crafted gourmet chocolate making.

Welcome to Ethel M Chocolates. Surrounded by a botanical cactus garden of rare scale and beauty, you will find delicious, preservative-free chocolates passionately made fresh by the Mars family.

Inspired by Ethel Mars’ pursuit of the perfect chocolate, Forrest Mars Sr. created Ethel M, named in his mother’s honor in 1981. Using her timeless recipes, Forrest set out with a vision to share the joy of fresh-crafted quality chocolates and went to great lengths to uphold Ethel’s high standards of quality.

Forrest settled in the heat and heart of the desert where he was able to source the liqueur he needed to produce Ethel’s famous liqueur-filled chocolates. He took to producing the unique spirit-based fillings directly in-house so that quality would never be compromised. This has become a signature practice at Ethel M, as mastering fresh-crafted fillings and chocolates of a kind command a skillful mix of art and know-how.

Today, Ethel M Chocolates are still crafted in small batches with the freshest and finest ingredients, and never with unnatural preservatives, for a uniquely fresh flavor and texture. Our philosophy of delivering remarkable quality in every piece of chocolate continues from over 30 years ago. And while we continue to cultivate new flavors and more sustainable operations for a brighter future, our commitment to crafting the highest quality chocolate will never change. Because whether you’re celebrating a holiday, a birthday or the every day, you can always rely on unforgettable moments with Ethel M Chocolates.

The Mars family invites everyone to share in the experience of Ethel M Chocolates – crafted at the peak of freshness.