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Dig This Las Vegas

Push, lift and rip your way to excitement on a real D5 bulldozer or 20 TON excavator. Don’t miss your opportunity to play in our Heavy Equipment Playground creating memories that last a lifetime. Located just 10 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Our climate-controlled Caterpillar equipment make it the perfect temperature all year long. An ever-changing variety of adrenaline boosting activities makes Dig This the ultimate adventure for ages 8-108. After operating you will regain your sense of confidence, accomplishment and adventure. Connect with us today and you too can “Dig This”!

Are you’re looking for something truly unique to do in Vegas? Ready to regain your sense of confidence, accomplishment and adventure? Trip Advisor, rates Dig This is the #1 solution. While the hottest spots may be on the Strip, Dig This is located less than 15-20 minutes away from the traditional Las Vegas party scene, this is one experience you don’t want to miss.

Just South of the Strip, you’ll find the world’s heavy equipment playground where you can operate 1 ton to 15 ton excavators, 10 ton bulldozers, skid steer loaders in super fun and safe activities guided by an experienced instructor. If the idea of driving up to 15 tons of construction equipment isn’t exciting enough, check out our other packages that include activities like crushing a car during an AGGRESSION SESSION.


When you visit Dig This, there are plenty of equipment options for your giant sandbox experience. If you are accompanied by little ones, children as young as three years old can operate 1-ton excavators. All larger equipment is climate controlled, equipped with both air conditioners and heaters, making Dig This the perfect temperature all year round.

  • Four 20-ton 315C/313FL Excavators

  • Two 10-ton D5K Bulldozers

  • Two 6-ton 305.5E Excavators 

  • Two 5-ton 279D Track Type Skid Steer Loaders

  • Four 1-ton 301.7DCR Excavators

With a Big Dig, you can choose a bulldozer or excavator to operate for an unforgettable 90-minute experience. A Mega Dig allows you to use both a bulldozer and an excavator for three and a half hours.

What to Expect During Your Dig

At Dig This, your experience is perfectly orchestrated to maximize the fun you experience in these giant machines. First you select which piece of equipment, you want to operate. Upon arrival, you will be checked in by a friendly team member and complete a safety orientation class. An instructor will then provide individual in cab directions on how to operate the vehicle. After machine-specific training, you have some time to complete warm-up exercises to get you comfortable with the equipment. Guests are connected to their instructor via state of the art hands free headsets and microphone. All guests operate each vehicle independently, with instructors providing verbal direction from the field. That’s when the fun really starts.

To wrap up your Dig This experience, a graduation ceremony will see you earn the prestigious Certification of Accomplishment

Depending on the type of equipment and your instructor, a variety of activities are available. From digging to basketball to tire pyramids, the excitement never stops. An ever-changing variety of adrenaline boosting activities makes Dig This the ultimate adventure for ages 3-103.

Unique Packages for Everyone

As if an adult sandbox isn’t enough, Dig This offers package options that go above and beyond the Big Dig and Mega Dig experiences.

  • In the Aggression Session, you can use a 30,000 lb excavator to crush a car. Forget your shrink and crush your way to sanity!
  • Give your child the birthday party of a lifetime with kid’s birthday party options.
  • If your employees don’t like trust falls for team building, have them complete tasks together in separate heavy machines for a group session unlike anything they have experienced before.

Whether you’re looking for some alone time or an activity to bring your group together, you’ll make lifetime memories at Dig This Las Vegas.

Make Lifelong Memories

Your childhood sandbox dreams come alive when you’re in control of a large 10 ton bulldozer or 15-ton excavator. You’ll never forget this experience. In a reflective vest and head com, nothing compares to the feeling of fulfilling a lifelong dream like driving a heavy-duty construction vehicle. According to Anna Hayes of Eleven News, the experience wasn’t just fun and memorable. It allowed her to “get a little tipsy, but not in the normal Vegas way.”. Don’t believe us, just check out our Tripadvisor reviews.

Book Your Dig

With a limited number of machines available at once, don’t wait to schedule your dig, call us at (702) 222-4344. Whether you’re looking for new Las Vegas activity, once in a lifetime memory, unique experience or satisfying a childhood dream, Dig This should be your first stop. Book your dig today!