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Apocalypse Vegas


Scientist at a nearby genetic research facility were developing active viruses to attack and alter RNA. Shortly thereafter, communication with lead scientists and local populace had been lost. Immediate intel suggested intent within terrorist sleeper cells that were preparing to “receive packages”.


Eliminate any and ALL mutated entities, living or otherwise, to prevent further spread of the virus. Additionally, kill or capture any identified terrorist cell members and under no circumstances, allow them to escape. Your third and final task is to contain, secure, and bring back the biological contamination agent.

Gear Up

Our former Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, Green Beret and Delta Force Operators will prepare and train you to strategically maneuver through a displaced town that has been overtaken by flesh hungry, diseased zombies. Once you are briefed, tactically equipped and divided into teams, our former Special Ops Warriors will lead you through a gauntlet of chaos in our 38k sq. ft, million-dollar build-out, with epic special effects! You WILL believe that you are in the middle of a real life video game, running and gunning, in the ultimate apocalyptic Special Ops mission.

Show Times:
Thursday – Sunday: 1:00pm, 4:00pm, 7:00pm
(with an additional show on Saturday at 10:00am)